Edible Canada and The Peake of Catering have orchestrated a delicious feast of exotic northern cuisine which may include tastings of reindeer, elk, muskox, caribou, Arctic Char and smoked goose breast. Complete the quest around all the tasting stations and be entered into our prize draw!

Edible Canada is a multifaceted culinary tourism company focused solely on promoting local food and highlighting Canadian cuisine.  Located in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia on Granville Island, Edible Canada offers a vibrant Restaurant, a Gourmet Artisan Retail Shop and multiple local Tours, Events and Getaways.

Carson Schiffkorn | Guest Chef

Carson Schiffkorn was born in Whitehorse where he graduated from High School before attending the University of Victoria, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Performance.  

Upon completion of studying, Carson worked and lived in Germany.  In 1989 he returned to the Yukon and made it home.  In 1996, Carson quit the public service to venture out on his own and built Inn on the Lake.  

Since then he has been show casing the Yukon and Yukon product and cuisine through the resort. Having hosted the likes of Governor Generals and Lifestyle mavens like Martha Stewart, authenticity and cuisine have been the forefront of Inn on the Lake. 

A strong promotor of “All Things Canadian” the resort only features Canadian Wines and Yukon Beers.  The cuisine is largely based on sourcing local product, foraging  and fresh.  “Our commitment to the Canadian Food and Wine industries is simple, focus on the best products available, keep it Canada, and the world with love it"

Try the infamous Sourtoe Cocktail, flown down especially from Dawson City, and get your bragging rights - but remember 'You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but your lips have to gotta touch the toe'! 

The legend of the first “sourtoe” dates back to the 1920’s and features a feisty rum-runner named Louie Linken and his brother Otto.  During one of their cross-border deliveries, they ran into an awful blizzard.  In an effort to help direct his dog team, Louie stepped off the sled and into some icy overflow—soaking his foot thoroughly.
Fearing that the police were on their trail, they continued on their journey. Unfortunately, the prolonged exposure to the cold caused Louie’s big toe to be frozen solid.  To prevent gangrene, the faithful Otto performed the amputation using a woodcutting axe (and some overproof rum for anesthesia).  To commemorate this moment, the brothers preserved the toe in a jar of alcohol.
Years later, while cleaning out an abandoned cabin, the toe was discovered by Captain Dick Stevenson.  After conferring with friends, the Sourtoe Cocktail Club was established and the rules developed.  Since its inception, the club has acquired (by donation) over 10 toes.
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